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Zoom Chat Links :-)

Keeping Connected

We've all been enjoying the Zoom Chats over recent months - the conversations have been such an enjoyable way to keep connected during this strange new world we're all living in.


We've discussed all sorts of subjects - some completely random and not specifically related to weaving, spinning and dying; a lot about things we love, web sites and resources we've discovered, craft techniques, and all manner of interesting shared discoveries to explore further.

We thought it would be nice to load up the web links as a reference point for everyone in the Guild.

Sit back with a cuppa and enjoy having a look through these links.

Just one caveat:

The Kennet Valley Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers is not officially promoting these web sites. They are for members' reference and enjoyment only. We cannot accept any responsibility for the content on these sites.

Recent Chat Links

Enjoy a wander through this recent batch of interesting links ...

Links from Friday February 11th












A new year batch from Friday 7th January...

Yet another diverse collection of links...

West Yorkshire Spinners - sock yarns to try

Take a look at the Bullfinch, Wood Pigeon and Rum Paradise whilst you're there...

Yarndale News - Hope Sock Yarn

Wingham Wool have got some treats on offer at the moment

Decopatch - recommended by Pat

Pat has 'Decopatched' her spindle back chairs and they look stunning!

Thanks Woolyknit, we do like a useful free pattern...

Tapestry Together

A new group set up by Anna Wetherall and Irene Evison of Nearly Wild Weaving to support
tapestry weavers with discussions about various aspects of their craft.

About Sue Lawty



Shetland Wool Week is cancelled sadly - we can still support it though...

There's a beautiful free Kep pattern available to try.
All you're asked to do is share your finished Kep photos on social media.

Shetland Wool Adventure Journal Volume 2 - coming soon!
Volume 1 still available in Digital format.

Emma Vining - pattern

A Knitters Sketchbook by Emma Vining - Recommended by Rosie

Meg recommends the WI Soft and Silky yarns

Then there was talk of circular needles...

Dyeing resources

Gorgeous Yarns

Perran Yarns on Facebook & Etsy

Drops Saffran Yarn

Katherine recommends Zauberball:

Previous Chat Links


There was talk of felting...

And other interesting crafts...

Great value packs of yarn can be found on Woolyknit.
The speed and efficiency of their service is excellent.

Then we all got a bit carried away dreaming of visits to Shetland again -
fingers crossed that might be in 2021 or 2022.


This site is a recent discover and so interesting. Read Kate's story and marvel at her books
and her husband's photography. You can get lost in the shop too!

Artist Priscilla Lowry

Wingham Wool

Ashford Kiwi 3 Spinning Wheel - a good choice


Wavy Shuttle Demonstration

The Ashford Wheel Magazine
by members

Orkney Travel Guide

Yarn Fest Wool Shop - worth a visit
The Old Telephone Exchange, Long Lane, Hermitage, Berkshire RG18 9QS
If you've got a specific yarn in mind, call Sue or Stuart to find out if they've got it in stock or
can get it for you.

Wool Shop in Basingstoke


Jane Patrick: The Weavers Idea Book

10% off for Kennet Valley Guild Members

Then there was talk of Gin and things…


Alternative to sloes

If any KVG members would like Meg's recipe for home made 'Limoncello' and Christmas Vodka, please email:



TOFT - animals etc


Rebecca brought this organisation to our attention:
Flying Scholarships For Disabled People


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