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Sue Hiley Harris


Photos by Nicky Duncan

Weaving: Development and Influences. A Talk by Sue Hiley-Harris

By Lynne Harper


Sue Hiley-Harris was the speaker at our February 2020 meeting, and she gave us an extremely interesting talk on her development as a weaver, and the various influences that effected the directions in which she travelled. She is also well known as a spinner and led a silk
spinning workshop for us the following day. She explained that for her the preparation of fibre and spinning of yarn was an integral
part of the weaving experience.

Her creative journey started at art school in Australia, as a sculptor, and brought her to England.  It was here she was introduced to
weaving and spinning.  Many of her pieces are in 3-D, and her sculpture background shows up in this.  She produces items that
are suitable for outdoor and other public spaces, but also some for domestic environments.

Sue works with many materials, and although she has a fascination with silk, she has also used paper, and various metals.

As well as the slides that she used to illustrate her talk, Sue had brought along many differing examples of her work. 
I found the 3-D objects particularly interesting, as the thought of weaving so that one obtains a result that uses multiple dimensions is something that has intrigued me. 

It was an extremely interesting and inspiring talk.

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